Jawbreaker Rally Gravity Hill Day Run 


Meet  up: Back side of the Pgh Mills Mall behind Macys 

Time : 9:30AM 

Date: 4-11-21 

Stay calm ... keep cool. As you strain your ears to hear the laws of physics being shattered, put your car in neutral (after checking behind you for oncoming traffic, of course) and take your foot off the brake. Your car will roll, uphill. Some people like to take water or various other non-flammable, bio-degradeable liquids and pour them onto the road. The liquids will flow uphill. 

(Your car might lie to you, but pure water will not ... you will believe in the power of Gravity Hill!) 

Have you ever wanted to defy gravity? You could book a seat on the space shuttle, but by the time you buy a ticket, rent your space suit and drive to the launch site, you'll have well over $10 invested. For a lot less money, (free actually) you can defy gravity in Bedford County, PA. 
Located in the suburbs of New Paris, PA (South Central Pennsylvania)... Gravity Hill is a phenomenon. Cars roll uphill and water flows the wrong way. It's a place where gravity has gone haywire. There is no fee to venture onto Gravity Hill. It is, quite simply, a road in a remote corner of Bedford County. 

Lunch will be at D’Atri’s subs in Cumberland MD 

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