The Jawbreaker Rally gathers you together for some southern summer flavor with the "Jawbreaker Porsche Experience".  Beginning in the heart of "Music City", Nashville.  We present the best nightlife and entertainment Broad Street can muster.  Centrally located in the middle of the strip you never know what you'll witness from one of the Honky Tonk's many balconies and 3 floors of live music.

Gain valuable driving education at the "Porsche Experience Center Atlanta", where they provide the latest Porsche technology at their private vehicle testing facility.  5 different vehicle dynamics modules will push and refine your driving skills alongside one of Porsche's master driving instructors. Fine dining at "Restaurant 356" and Atlanta's nightlife are all inclusive and sure to please the most sensitive pallets.

 In true "Jawbreaker" spirit we let the games begin with axe throwing at Atlanta's own "Bury the Hatchet".  There you will learn the fine art of axe throwing with cocktails and competition.  Keeping with our midieval shenanigans we head over to "Midieval Times" for dinner, drinks and hand to hand combat entertainment.  Kings and queens, knights a jousting, battle axes and swords, falcons and MORE!  "Medieval Times" has it all! - 2 Nights dinner, VIP nightlife, and luxurious accommodations are also included in this event!




Honky Tonk Central is Nashville's latest and greatest honky tonk on world famous "Lower Broadway" in downtown Nashville, TN. with 3 full stories of live music, great food and great times, Honky Tonk Central is the destination stop when in Nashville. 

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Spend 90 minutes driving the latest Porsche vehicle on the test track with one-to-one guidance from your personal Porsche Driving Coach. Learn about the major performance characteristics of your vehicle. Choose from any or all modules of the test track you would like to drive on, ensuring you get the most personalized experience possible.


Dynamics Area: Test the speed, agility and lane-change performance on a large asphalt pad designed to simulate unique maneuvers you may encounter during your daily driving. 

Handling Circuit:  A one-mile handling course designed to mimic a winding country road with a number of corners and undulations.  Here a driver will learn the finer points on choosing the correct path when negotiating the curves and proper application of braking technique. 

Low-Friction Circle: Experience the over-steer capabilities of a Porsche at the low-friction circle with its uniform inward slope and polished concrete surface. 

Low-Friction Handling Circuit:  A similar polished concrete surface as the Low-Friction Circle, except we introduce a series of unique, tight curves, with a mixture of various radius types on-and-off camber corners. 

Kick Plate:  We test your vehicle control skills when encountering a skid or spin.  The kick-plate is a flush-mounted, hydraulically actuated plate placed before a wetted epoxy surface.  As a vehicle travels over the plate at a safe rate of speed, sensors move the plate randomly left or right to mimic sliding that might occur during inclement weather conditions.


The PEC Atlanta tour includes a 90 minutes guided tour through One Porsche Drive, covering facts about the brand, the story of Porsche in the United States and about the Porsche Experience Center.

Please wear comfortable shoes as the total length of the tour is approximately 1 mile.


Porsche's Simulator Lab offers customers the opportunity to enhance their driving and/or racing abilities in an environment that is fun and challenging.   Customers will have the option to choose between a number of Porsche vehicles with highly authentic physics and performance characteristics and many famous racing circuit configurations from across the world including:

•Le Mans

•The Nürburgring

•Laguna Seca


The driving programs are designed to help a driver with:

1. Circuit memorization: Remembering the configuration, determining braking and accelerations points

2. Control concepts: Lift-throttle over-steer, balancing the chassis thru throttle, trail-braking, weight transfer, and brake balance

3. Setup and tweaking techniques: Spring rates, fast and slow bump/rebound, toe-in, downforce vs drag

4. Strengthening racing capability and concentration levels: Overall race strategy and changes to strategy on the run, pit timing, fuel loads, overtaking points, drafting, late braking, defensive driving, improving qualification times and analyzing telemetry to find more speed



In order to provide an authentic simulation experience we are using low and narrow cockpits that may not be comfortable for a height of more than 6'2" (minimum height is 5') and a weight of more than 280lbs.

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Restaurant 356

The Porsche restaurant offers fine-dining with a refined yet approachable menu for to either compliment your experience or to be it all together. Our classically trained chef and staff maintains a regularly updated menu to offer the best in both traditional and fusion style cuisine, which is available for lunch Tuesday - Saturday and dinner Thursday - Saturday.




Finally, there's something new to do in Atlanta and it's called AXE THROWING! We are bringing the Jawbreaker Rally family together for a totally unique experience at "Bury The Hatchet". The way you play is similar to darts where you try to rack up points by hitting different areas of a wooden target. The only difference is you will be throwing an axe! Located in the heart of Sandy Springs just minutes from the city, Bury The Hatchet is the place to be for axe throwing in Atlanta.

We know what your thinking axe throwing sounds and looks a little crazy but anybody can learn how to throw an axe and make it stick. As intense as it may look axe throwing is relatively easy to learn. Most people who come in have never thrown an axe before and by the end of their session they are hitting bulls eyes!




4 course meal and select beverages included 

Vegetarian meals available 

Alcoholic beverages available

Show Details

2 hour medieval jousting tournament 

6 competing knights 

Real weapons 

Beautiful horses 

Live flight of the royal falcon

Celebration Package 

Priority Castle Access 

VIP seating 

Priority Seating Access 

Cheering Banner 

VIP Lanyard 

Group Photo for Each Member of the Party 





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